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World Class Lecturers

We've had lectures from Lennart Green, Josh Jay, Richard Osterlind, Piff the Magic Dragon and hundreds more!


Each year, members of the BMS battle it out for several highly-prized trophies.

Social Events

With many different social events throughout the year, there are myriad opportunites for friends and family to see more magic. Our annual dinner is hailed as the best on the circuit...

BMS Summer Social 2012

This year's Summer Social takes place on the 24th July, and once again, will take the form of a Beer and Skittles evening.

If you've already been to one of these events in the past, you know just how much fun they are. If, however, you haven't been to one before, don't worry. Beginner's luck plays such a big part in this game, if anything, you'll have an advantage!

Tickets cost £5, which includes entry into the skittles "tournament", buffet and cabaret. To get your tickets, contact Pamela Buckley, our entertainment secretary, by email or by phone on 01827715660

Posted on Sun 01 July 2012

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