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World Class Lecturers

We've had lectures from Lennart Green, Josh Jay, Richard Osterlind, Piff the Magic Dragon and hundreds more!


Each year, members of the BMS battle it out for several highly-prized trophies.

Social Events

With many different social events throughout the year, there are myriad opportunites for friends and family to see more magic. Our annual dinner is hailed as the best on the circuit...

Berglas Award Nominations

It's that time again. The Berglas Award Nominations are now due!

For those of you that do not know, the BMS awards the Berglas Trophy each year to a living British magician for outstanding contribution to the art of magic. The Berglas Award can only be given to somebody who has not already received the title.

If you would like to put someone forward for this year's title, now is your chance. Nominations should be in writing, along with a brief note as to why you feel your nomination should receive the award, and sent to Paul Cadley by Tuesday 18th October 2011.

The 2011 recipient of the Berglas Award, Derren Brown, with the International Man of Mystery himself, David Berglas.
Posted on Sat 01 October 2011

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